The Network for NextGen Arts Trustees

What is RIAC?

At RIAC UK we match professionals who want to become Trustees and non-executives with arts organisations looking for new and more diverse talent to fill posts. Each new Trustee is mentored by an experienced arts Trustee as they grow into their new role.

What we do

At RIAC we believe that Arts and Culture are a hugely enriching influence on people’s lives. Attending theatrical or musical performances, visiting exhibitions or opening a new book all allow us to grow our knowledge, discover new worlds and ideas, connect with others and positively impact our wellbeing.

As Responsible citizens, we don’t just want to attend but also to be involved, Influence and invest our time to enrich the diversity and breadth of the offer of the Arts & Culture scene in the UK. Helping the sector is not just about giving money but also crucially about sharing your knowledge, skills and time. There is so much more to learn and enjoy by getting involved behind the scenes.

Business professionals have a lot of highly valuable skills which can help cultural organisations in the UK grow and improve, particularly after the challenges of the past 2 years. We also believe that the sector will be strengthened by drawing on a larger and more diverse field of talent to fill Trustee positions.

Volunteering as a new Trustee can often seem challenging and daunting and finding the right organisation that will fit your interests and personality can be tricky. RIAC provides the solution…

  • We are a network of and a meeting place for a diverse group of young and more experienced professionals who have a common interest in and want to  support the arts and creativity in the UK. Our network is designed to foster strong bonds of friendship between all its participants.
  • We match professionals who volunteer to act as Trustees and non-executives with arts and creative organisations, who in turn are looking for new talent to fill posts. We do so based on an in-depth understanding of our volunteers’ interests and passions and the skills and resources they can provide.
  • We help to guide and nurture the next generation of Trustees through offering mentoring and coaching from a group of senior philanthropists and arts trustees (The RIAC Brain Trust), and through the diversity and experience of our network of volunteers.

RIAC is a charitable organisation funded entirely by philanthropic donations, the services we offer are provided free of charge to the individuals and cultural sector charities we work with.

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